Alexandra Magro

Equipe : PRADA
Catégorie : PR ENSFEA
Téléphone : 05 61 55 67 55
Pièce: 127
Descriptif :

Recherche  My main research interests lie in the area of evolutionary ecology of predator-prey interactions. My current research topic is on the evolution of predator life-history traits under the constraints imposed by their prey and the chemical ecology of predator-prey interactions. The predators and preys I’m interested in are ladybirds (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) and aphids / coccids (Aphididae / Coccoidea: Hemiptera) and therefore my research covers also the applied field of biological control. Responsabilité  I am a member of the National Committee of Academic Careers (CNECA – section 2) for the French Agricultural Universities I am in charge of several courses from the Master « The Agrofood chain »: « Fundamentals of Ecology », « Agroecology », « Enhanced knowledge in Agroecology » I am the head of a group on applied research in ecology education. Formation  HDR en 2012 à l’Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier