David Duneau

Equipe : PRADA
Catégorie : Post-doctorat
Téléphone : 05 61 55 67 59
Pièce: 32
Descriptif :

Research Why do some individuals die while others suffer middle symptoms from infection? My research mainly pertains to answer this question. More specifically, I am interested to understand why most infectious diseases affect male and females differently. Is it a simple by-product of the sex-specific role in reproduction or is there an adaptive value to this dimorphism? What are the respective roles of nature and nuture? What role bacterial behaviour and (within-host) evolution play in this dimorphism? Using multiple approach (functional genetics, statistics, and genomics), I mostly concentrate on understanding the difference in within-host dynamics of bacteria using adult Drosophila melanogaster as model system, but I am always happy to explore other models (notably the lovely parthenogenetic crustacean Daphnia) Training PhD Basel University (Switzerland) in 2011.