Fabian-Jörg Fischer

Equipe : DEEP
Fonction : Post-doctorat
Téléphone : 05 61 55 74 86
Pièce: 122
Descriptif :

Research  The focus of my PhD is the mechanistic modelling of tropical forests, specifically in French Guiana. My broader research interests include the prediction of forest dynamics from functional traits, allometric models of tree growth and the use of LiDAR data to tackle ecological questions. At the moment, I work on the individual-based forest growth simulator TROLL (Maréchaux & Chave 2017), assemble an update to the Global Wood Density Database (Chave et al. 2009) and develop a tool to construct virtual forests from Airborne LiDAR surveys tree by tree.
Training  Bachelor’s in Physics & Magister in Literature and Philosophy (Munich University, LMU).