Ricaut François-Xavier

Equipe : DEEP
Fonction : Directeur/rice de Recherche (DR)
Organisation : CNRS
Téléphone : 05 61 55 89 06
Pièce : 126
Descriptif :

Research My research investigates different aspects of the history and evolution of human populations, in particular the modalities of human settlement (migration, admixture, selection, drift) that explain genetic population structure. This research is achieved through analysing the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of biological diversity in human populations using a wide spectrum of analytical tools. Genomic and skeletal morphological variations are investigated in both contemporary and ancient populations, allowing a fine-scale analytical perspective. My current research project aim to investigate a key, under-studied event after the modern human dispersal(s) Out of Africa: human migration and adaptation related to the colonization of New Guinea (and Sahul). By combining approaches from anthropology to genomics, we reconstruct the demographic/migratory histories, identify the selective pressures (cultural, physical, pathogens) and validate the biological functions of selected genes, in New Guineans who have undergone isolated cultural and biological evolution over the last 50 thousand years.
Responsability  2018–2021: Partner Investigator (PI) of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Indigenous Discovery Grant (Australia), awarded to the project “Using genetics to reconstruct the peopling and diversification of Sahul”. Chief Investigator: R Tobler. PI: FX Ricaut, MP Cox, F Racimo, H Sudoyo, W Haak. 2018–2019: Coordinator of a grant from The National Geographic Society, awarded to the project “Prehistory of the Karawari region in East Sepik”. Coord.: FX Ricaut. PI: M Leavesley, A Kuaso, M Aubert, H Forestier. 2017–2019: Partner Investigator (PI) of a DIPI grant (Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) / Indonesian Science Fund, awarded to the project “Borneo Human Genome Diversity Project”. Chief Investigator: H Sudoyo. PI: FX Ricaut, MP Cox, A Adelaar, A Holmes. 2014–2019: Coordinator of a grant from the French National Research Agency awarded to the project “OceoAdapto: Unexplored human history in the Indian Ocean” (ANR-14-CE31-0013-01) 2016–Present: Coordinator (PI) of a grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEE) France, awarded to the project “French Archaeological project in Papua New Guinea”. PI: M Leavesley.
Training  2016 HDR in Biological Sciences Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France Title: Origin and evolution of human settlement in the Indo-Pacific region. 2000 – 2003Ph.D. in Molecular Anthropology-Archaeology Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociale (EHESS) Paris, France. Thesis: ADN ancien et populations du passé : le cas de l’Altaï et de la Sibérie orientale ».
Teaching  2016-2020 : Invited guest to the Archaeological courses, School of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Papua New Guinea). Teaching in Biological Anthropology/Population genetic, 3-5h per year.