Paz-Vinas Ivan

Equipe : AQUAECO
Fonction : CDD
Organisation : Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier
Téléphone : 05 61 55 67 35
Pièce : 253
Descriptif :

Research The overarching goal of my research is to understand how historical and current processes (e.g. biological invasions, spatial habitat configuration, asymmetric gene flow) determine patterns of neutral genetic variability of populations living in complex freshwater ecosystems like dendritic river networks or artificial lakes. My ongoing post-doc project (DISPERSINVA, supervised by Dr. Cucherousset and Prof. Loot) aims at inferring the colonization pathways used by six non-native and one native freshwater species (5 fish, 2 crayfish) to colonize a highly dynamic meta-socio-ecosystem composed of multiple (>50) artificial lakes hosting a panoply of socio-economic activities (e.g. fishing, aquatic sports). We combine genetic, environmental and sociological data for attaining that aim. I am also a member of the GEO BON Genetic Composition Working Group. We are interested in the development of genetic indicators and genetic Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) for genetic conservation and monitoring, and in improving the integration of genetics into conservation policies (e.g. CBD).
Training  Ph.D. in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution; University Paul Sabatier Toulouse III.