Joël White

Equipe : PRADA
Catégorie : MCF ENSFEA
Téléphone : 05 61 55 82 18
Pièce: 109
Descriptif :

Research  My research aims to examine contribution of environmental and host-associated factors in shaping the microbiome of organisms and the consequences for host fitness. In the context of global change, I am particularly interested in 1) examining the impact of human-induced environmental perturbations, such as urbanisation, climate change or pesticides, on the gut microbiota of organisms within natural populations and 2) determining the role of the microbiota in mediating organismal responses to such changes.My current projects involve examining the impact of urbanisation on the gut microbiota of 2 avian model systems (house sparrow and tits), climate change on lizard gut microbiota (Moulis metatron), pesticides in ladybug gut microbiota and eutrophication in fish mucus microbiota. Responsabilité  Je suis coanimateur de l’équipe PRADA / j’enseigne à l’ENSFEA (formation initiale et continue d’enseignants en Biologie-Ecologie, Master AgroFoodChain). Formation  Doctorat en Écologie à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (P6)