White Joël

Equipe : PRADA
Fonction : Maître de conférence (MCF)
Organisation : ENSFEA
Téléphone : 05 61 55 82 18
Pièce : 109
Descriptif :

Research  My research aims to examine the contribution of environmental and host-associated factors in shaping the microbiome of organisms and the consequences for host fitness. In the context of global change, I am particularly interested in 1) examining the impact of human-induced environmental perturbations, such as urbanisation, climate change or euthrophication, on the gut microbiota of organisms within natural populations and 2) determining the role of the microbiota in mediating organismal responses to such changes. My main current projects involve examining the impact of urbanisation on the gut microbiota of birds, of climate change on lizard gut microbiota (Moulis metatron), and of various anthropogenic stressors on gut and mucus microbiota in fish. I am in charge of Citizen Science project “Opération Nichoirs en ville”.
Responsability  I am a member of the Pedagogical Board of the TULIP-Graduate School. I am in charge of several Masters courses at ENSFEA (see below).
Training  PhD in Ecology at University Pierre et Marie Curie (now Sorbonne University), Paris.
Teaching  I am a lecturer in Ecology at the University of Toulouse – ENSFEA, teaching mostly in MSc MEEF-IA (secondary school teacher training) and the MSc “The AgroFood Chain”. Taught topics include: evolutionary ecology, integrative ecology, host-microbiome interactions, high throughput sequencing techniques applied to microbiology, experimental design and methods, field ornithology, etc. I am the co-organiser of a national teacher training course entitled “Biodiversity and Citizen science”.