Coutant Opale

Equipe : AQUAECO
Fonction : Doctorat
Organisation : Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier
Pièce : 122
Descriptif :

Research  I am particularly interested in studying the impacts of anthropisation on wild ecosystems and how they disrupt ecological processes. During my PhD, I will be focused on guyanese rivers and their inhabitants, mainly fish communities but also mammals such as otters. I will first study the community structures and the processes involved in shaping these structures. In this way, I would like to be able to use modelisation tools to predict how species are distributed along the watercourses. Then, I will lead a comparative study using modelisation approaches to understand how human activities such as gold mining modify these communities in term of species richness but also species identity. This will allow predicting how communities will be affected under different scenarios of human intensification pressures.
Training  Master 2 Biodiversité, Écologie Évolution Option dynamique et modélisation de la biodiversité, université Grenoble-alpes.