14th Ecology and Behaviour conference: 19-24 may 2019

15 mai 2019

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The « Ecology and Behaviour » conference is organised by and for young researchers. This event is an ideal opportunity for master, PhD students and postdocs to discuss their works with other researchers in the field of ecology, evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology.

The conference, organized by the students of EDB laboratory,  takes place at the amphitheater Riquet (INSA), located on the campus of the Université Toulouse III Paul-Sabatier. 

With the participation of Etienne Danchin, Julia Dupin, Alexandre Réjaud, Jordi Salmona, Lisa Fourtune, Jade Bruxaux, Sandra Baksay, E-Ping Rau, Laura Gervais, Ivan Paz-Vinas

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